6. talkactive


talkactive (adj.) ('TAW-kek-tiv): Inclined to express oneself using gestures rather than words.

A talkactive person is someone who dislikes using a formal language, and instead employs hand-motions and gestures to get a point across. Talkactive people firmly believe that if a picture speaks a thousand words, a gesture speaks well over a million. Their unwillingness to use verbal communication is often mistaken for lack of intelligence, and their wild gesticulation is often ridiculed by fans of wordplay.


"Talkactive people raise their children to be seen and not heard."

"Giving random people on the street the finger does not make you talkactive."

"In terms of talkactiveness, that actor is a conversational wizard."


The first use of the word may have been a typo. On watching a mime for the first time, an 18th century reporter wrote in his weekly column in the Wordy Wanderer that "the talkactiveness (or lack thereof) of the actors was offset by the oddly colourful display of emotion in white and black". When questioned later, the reporter maintained that he had not used the word in error.

This did not, however, stop him from being fired from the paper. His entertainment column was later turned into the weekly horoscope.


Sandy said...

Interesting word for today, although I agree that 'giving-the-finger' does have the impact of a million words, I am pretty sure that talkactivity is usually a sign of a low verbal IQ. ;)

Cabin-boy Dave said...

Ah, you've fallen victim to an illusion that plagues so many. Talkactiveness is a matter of choice rather than ability.

Just because a person would rather act out a sentence rather than say it out loud does not mean that he does not understand the sentence.

Fantasy Raconteur said...
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Fantasy Raconteur said...
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Fantasy Raconteur said...

I agree with you Dave... There are many so called "talkactive" persons, persons with high or above average IQ, but they are over animated while talking... expectin' more such new words..... way to go buddy.... ;)

Archana said...

I think verbally expressing and actively emoting brings the point across much more effectively. :) As for only gestures or only talking, not my cup of tea.

Anamika. said...

I get very talkactive with my dog. :|

Lola Lakely said...

This sight wins. Also, it reminds me of translating drunken texts on my latest post. So yay for us being sort of not quite connected in the blogosphere.

Lola Lakely said...

*site*. ugh I am sucking hard today.

Aw.S.M said...

My My My..so this is what u ve been upto while i was away eh :)...nice nice..

I get very talkactive while playing cricket..its usually just one finger mostly...


Keshi said...

wow I never knew of this word before. ty! :)


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